The journey of a thousand words begins with a single character… is what Laozi would have said if he were speaking about writing.

Welcome to the Become a Master Writer Course!

Each morning, you can log into the course and get your newest lesson, that will have:

  • Copywork Exercise #1: An excerpt from literature, an article, blog posts, interviews, and more

  • Copywork Exercise #2 (on the same document): A list of quotes, lines from literature, and other short sentences that will be teaching you something as well even if it doesn’t seem it (all will be revealed in good time…)

  • Suggested Further Reading links (don't need to be copied—unless you're feeling ambitious!)

At the end of the week you’ll have a free day to write a bit on what you’ve learned and kick back. This is totally by design. Take the time to catch up, look over what you learned the prior week … or just relax with a good cup of tea/coffee/whisky.

Today’s lesson is short, to get you in the swing of things. It is an excerpt from the transcript of an interview with Ira Glass from This American Life, about his start as a creative thinker.

If you have questions or comments to share, you can do that in the comments at the bottom of each lesson! Talk soon.

Become a Master Writer

This course is built around one of the best kept ancient secrets that master writers have used for the centuries to improve their own writing and craft.

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