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What If Your IDEAS Could Propel You Forward In Life?

You know that writing is important for engaging an audience and building a brand or legacy.

So you keep hitting publish on those blog posts and essays, watching your competitors and peers blast past you, hoping that no one notices that you’ve been left behind.

Imagine how you would feel if you could sit down at your computer, pull up your research on a blog post, pound out 1500 words in less than 90 minutes, and 48 hours later have a half-million views.

Your palms are sweaty as you field major media interview questions, the company’s social media streams light up with conversation and discourse, and you have already been contacted by two book agents.

Does that sound like something you want in your future?

Don't feel silly...lots of people do!

Look over the edge, close your eyes (except, you know, don't; cause you need to keep reading!), and take the leap.

  • Jump into a world where being proud of your writing is a badge of honor - not something that people scoff at while they prattle on about metrics and optimization.
  • Jump into a world where wanting to share your thoughts isn't a selfish or weird desire - it's great minds love to do.
  • Jump into a world where focusing on improving your writing and craft isn't a distraction from your business and career - it's how you build them.
  • Jump into a world where you can do this with with others just like you - not people who will try to convince you that there's simply an easier way, but will jump down into the trenches to do the hard work on the hard things with you.
Elisa is the perfect combination of heart and smarts—she's whip smart, super strategic, thoughtful, hard-working, and one of the best minds in business. A giver by nature, with a huge desire to help out, she is the secret weapon of many solopreneurs looking to take their businesses to the next level.
Jenny Blake
Elisa's advice and counsel as an editor has proven invaluable as she has a deep understanding of both the business implications of content as well as what makes good writing in the first place. Since we started working together, my brand presence has increased by an order of magnitude.
Taylor Pearson

If you haven’t been successful in the past, it’s not your fault.

I know exactly what it’s like to have people criticize your writing, tell you you’ll never be good enough, and feel like you’ll never be who you really want to be.

If you only had the inside knowledge of what kind of writing WORKS and what absolutely DOESN’T when it comes to building your brand…

If you only had the honed skills to make your content “ground-breakingly” good, spellbinding, interesting, and innovative to your market…

Then you’d be there in no time!

Close the Gap Will Give You The Valuable Insider Information You Need To Make Your Vision A Reality

To make a long story short (or, as we like to call it around here: the TL;DR):
Let’s face it.

You like your writing, it has served you well, but you know there is better work and dedication and productivity somewhere inside you.

Now it’s important to note here: I’m not saying that by joining this community you are a bad or damaged writer.

Quite the opposite!

True professional writers, businesses that want to actually make money from their content marketing, entrepreneurs who transition into becoming their own brand, authors and essayists who are sought for their thoughts and influence — they are ALL committed to improving their craft regularly. 

They don’t seek these opportunities for growth because they are failing.

They seek these opportunities because they know the hard work on becoming even better will help them succeed.

There are some writing skills you can’t learn in a book. Or from a blog post.

Writing rock-solid, engaging content is a skill that has to be learned from other professional writers who have done it before.
That’s why the team we have here at Craft Your Content has had over 20 years of experience in editing and writing content for some of the most dynamic brands on the internet:
Not to mention the vast network of top-notch professional writing talent that calls CYC home.

The Close the Gap Community will help you:

  • Establish yourself as a leader in your field and gain the respect of your audience through informative and well-written pieces and publications
  • Cultivate your own connections with other non-professional and professional writers who are interested in constantly crafting exceptional content.
  • Develop plans and habits to form accountability in your writing routine and challenge yourself.
  • Gain access to experts in various content creation mediums on a regular basis, in a close community setting.
  • Find a sounding board for your ideas, with support from trusted partners and peers. A place to ask questions, where nothing is considered silly or worthless. We’re all working towards the same goals, and probably have asked or are asking those same questions.
  • Meet with these like-minded friends and bounce projects off them, so you aren’t left alone at your computer staring at that little blinking cursor, wishing there was someone else who understood. (We understand!)
  • Create compelling content that gets published in high-profile magazines and newspapers.
  • Understand the difference between what makes a viral (one hit wonder) and a consistent, long-term success that pays the bills and helps you achieve your dreams.
Most importantly: You won't have to feel so alone as you work toward all this, wondering if you are even making a difference.

All you need is a desire to improve, a commitment to doing the writing work, a support system to celebrate your wins and mourn your losses with you, and a veteran writer to pick up her sherpa stick and guide you through it all.

Crush Your Competition And Carve Out Your Destiny With Close the Gap

Close the Gap is a special place where we wage war on low-level content marketing spam. Where we abhor snotty grammar police, “silver bullets”, and big, over-the-top promises of “instant gratification”.

This is a community of incredible, high-integrity, practical, dollars-and-cents-minded writers who want to put a dent in the world. And we’re good at it.

If you accept our invitation to join our ranks, we are going to teach you how to create influential, quality content that outpaces your competition on a daily basis.

Pretty soon, the crowded competitive market you once saw will be looking at YOUR dust cloud as you race past them on the value of your ideas and your one-of-a-kind content.

You’ll love the feeling of being one of the top-paid experts in your field that comes from establishing unquestionable authority. You’ll get that fame and a bit of the taste of celebrity status in your niche (who doesn’t want that!?).

And the price for all this? You’ll love that too!

You can join today for FREE!

Yes, really.
Join Us Today!
Want more?

What do you GET when you join Close the Gap?

  • Private Facebook Group – A place for you to share ideas, headlines, taglines, sales pages, blog posts…anything you are nervous about publishing and would like a second (and third and fourth and fifth!) opinion on. Not necessarily to change it, but to consider feedback from voices that exist OUTSIDE your own head. Additionally, members of the CYC team will be frequently sweeping the community, offering their pro editorial feedback on various threads.

  • Access to all our downloadables and exclusive client content.

  • Free and discounted rates to all our past CYC courses and any courses to come.

  • Regular Accountability & Writing Challenges – we’ll regularly be hosting these in the forums, organized by the CYC team, to keep your content consistent and fresh.

  • Monthly “Office Hours” Calls with Elisa – Not only will you have the opportunity to jump on a call with Elisa on the 2nd Tuesday of every month to ask any questions, get strategy and marketing advice, or just work out a piece that’s been stuck in your brain. It's like a free Pick My Brain session.

  • Monthly Virtual Book Club – One of the best ways to improve your writing is to read more, but how does one pick from the plethora of options available on IndieBound? Each month, Elisa will hand-pick one of her favourite books for writing, productivity, entrepreneurship, creativity, or all of the above. On the 4th Tuesday of every month, we’ll jump on a call to talk about the book. (Sometimes, we might even be able to get the author to join us!)

  • Access to Elisa's Saved Links to see everything she reads weekly, not just what we've curated for our audience.

  • In-Person Writing Workshops and other meetups around the world – Online meetups not really your favorite thing? Elisa and the CYC Team have already hosted a few “Writing Nights” at various coffee shops, and they are a HUGE hit. Meeting three-dimensionally is a nice treat sometimes!

  • Monthly Hot Seat Critiques and AMAs with Experts & Community Members – That's the beautiful thing about a community. It isn't only (and really shouldn't be) about the founder's insights and experience. Celebrating wins, sharing strategies, offering constructive feedback are all part of the group, as we learn and improve and grow.

  • Private mastermind groups Always wanted to be part of a small writing mastermind? Have a few trusted peers to challenge you? We can help you find the people to do just that, and will help you with the set-up, logistics, and accountability that so many of these groups often struggle with. (Coming Soon!)

We’ll also have:

  • Occasional Case Studies from members on what has worked for them
  • Regular opportunities for you to share what you are working on
  • Member-Only Discounts on a plethora of programs and tools for crafting content
  • Workbooks and guides for hosting your own writing events and masterminds
  • The Monthly Close the Gap Writing Rundown compilation — the best of what is happening online (beyond our regular fortnightly Writing Rundown emails.)

Sounds interesting, right?

So, who is running this whole thing ... Who is behind Craft Your Content?

There’s a whole team of phenomenal editors and writing coaches who work behind-the-scenes on various projects for CYC clients; you’ll meet some of them when you join. 

How do you know they’re phenomenal? 

Well, you’ll have to take my word for it. 

I’m the person who pulled them all together.

Who Am I?

My name is Elisa Doucette, and I’m a professional writer, editor and coach.
(Which is a fancy career title way to explain that people pay me a great deal of money to do these things, and have for almost two decades.)
My writing has been featured in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Forbes, Yahoo! Small Business, The Shine Network, The Huffington Post, and Brazen Careerist among others. I host the podcast Writers’ Rough Drafts here on Craft Your Content, and have appeared as a guest on radio shows and podcasts around the web—such as The Writing Coach, Entrepreneur on Fire, Smart Brand Marketing, Huffington Post Live, and The Chris Hahn Show, speaking on topics like writing and creativity and entrepreneurship.
I know, those are a lot of big names for a girl from the American backwoods in the quiet state of Maine.

And I’d love to tell you that there was some magical secret trick to building a similar career and reputation for yourself, but the truth is: there is no one single trick.

Want More of My Story?

It has been a lot of work, a lot of mistakes, a lot of learning and growing, a lot of connections, and a lot of help from my friends and peers.

I majored in Creative Writing and Classical Studies at the University of Maine (Stephen King’s alma mater!), so that’s my “formal” credentials, though I didn’t finish my degree. Do you know how much they charge you for an education you could get for $1.25 in late fees at your local library?!

After university, I spent a decade in the illustrious career of selling and marketing insurance and financial services, where I was consistently one of the Top 20 Performers in the state. Eventually I moved to a position in their management office as a field sales and training specialist for 60+ agencies.

This gave me a unique perspective to creative pursuits, as my business experience was formed in sales and marketing.

Not only do I know great writing, but I understand how to market and sell it.

Starting in 2009, I began focusing more on this crazy idea of building an online platform, sharing my random ideas by writing about them.

Quickly, I found other people who were doing the same, while blogging their little hearts out about life and business and travel. We bonded as a group. Nothing official, just lots of emails and GChat conversations (remember those?) and sharing each other’s posts and projects.

Bringing fantastic people together is a hobby of mine.

Pretty soon, our makeshift masterminds formed real friendships of accountability and healthy competition.

We critiqued, celebrated, and challenged each other constantly.

I’ve watched every single person I worked with in those days catapult onto national stages, into book deals, and making seven-figures a year. Some of them are listed right here on this page.

That’s why I am creating this community.

Because everyone who wants to share their ideas and build their brand should be able to do just that, regardless of their support system and creative background. 
Elisa's ability to craft a story has a rare panache that you won't find in most content creators. She shows not only creativity and vision, but a keen focus on systems and processes - a real double threat combining high-quality writing and discourse with an operational mind to scale a content program for long-term success.
Ryan Paugh
The thing I love the most about working with Elisa and her team is their commitment to improving the quality of content, community and communication online. I can always count on her for honest feedback, loving edits and a never-ending dedication to owning the voice of our brand!
Jill Stanton

Wondering if you are a good fit?

This community is for writers who want to become better writers.

For entrepreneurs who want to build their brand and audience through exceptional content.

For people who spend too many hours in front of a screen, agonizing over what to say and how to say it.

You might be a perfect fit for Close the Gap if you are:

  • A professional (or aspiring-to-be-professional) writer who needs support and accountability from other people in a safe environment, where they are all struggling with the same thing
  • A blogger who is looking to create or improve their online platform
  • A marketing or communications pro who is trying to find new ways to promote your company
  • An entrepreneur who wants to engage customers through content marketing


Can’t I just find this stuff elsewhere, for free?

No doubt about it, you absolutely can! There are a ton of great resources and tools all over the internet for content creation. It is a hip, sexy buzzword of online marketing in 2019. 

But to stay up-to-date you’ll have to: follow them daily to make sure you don’t miss out, hop from site-to-site to pull all of it, compare and contrast it all in your head, figure out what to apply, determine if it works—then do it all again the next day. 

By yourself.

OR you can find everything in one place and get support from other people who are just like you and doing the same thing.

AND you’ll have access to myself and members of my team who will be periodically dropping into the Facebook group and other community shindigs to share their insights and expertise.

PLUS I’ll be hitting up my rolodex of peers and colleagues on a regular basis, to get you access to some of the most sought-after writers and entrepreneurial minds of the day.

I have other friends who blog. Can’t I just talk to them?

Yep! Sometimes, those friends will help you form masterminds, and your business explodes from all the shared brilliance. It’s fantastic when that happens!

Yet, too often when you start working with those friends, the motivation and accountability are…lacking. It’s too easy to let things slide on deadlines when you were both out til 3 AM the night before.

Organized mastermind communities with like-minded peers get you holding to a schedule and obligations, with people who won’t let you out of it.

I spend too much time online already, I don’t have any more time to invest in a community like this.

That’s cool. This probably isn’t the right place for you, and that's really okay. Everything is online to make it convenient for members to log in and learn/work/interact with others on their own schedule.

We do plan on hosting regular meetups around the world for in-person writing workshops and hanging out, because face-to-face communications are the bee’s knees.

For all the other days of the year, the wonders of modern internet technologies will have to do.

I don’t care what others think of me. Why should I want to improve?

If you are one of the rare creatures who can truly share your thoughts and content without caring a smidge about your audience’s feedback and impressions, then I’d love to buy you a coffee/tea/whisky and hear how you do it. 

For the rest of us who are not such special snowflakes, it is important to strike the delicate balance between accepting critique — and publishing what we were going to post anyway. 

Most writers find this line through years of solitary trial and error, and running it past the voices that develop in their heads.

A fortunate few find writing circles and peer groups that help them become the creators they truly want to be.

Do poeple REALLY notice typos and errors?

Yes, people really notice them

Don’t my thoughts speak for themselves?

In an ideal world, yes.

Unfortunately, most of the unicorns seem to have vanished from our world, so we no longer have mystical creatures to lead us to the hidden lands of gumdrop rainbows. We have heard it is only there that people do not judge your ideas and intelligence based on the quality of your writing and grammar.

Brilliant ideas SHOULD be able to stand on their own merit.

A few typos, most people will let slide. Lots of them, with other errors, inconsistent or incomplete thoughts, half-baked concepts, and they’ll think

(See what we did there?)

There’s tons of junk on the internet that gets a lot of traffic and conversions. I’m in business, and these are the only things I care about.

​This is so very true. All you need to do is fall down the time-sucking rabbithole of bait “news” sites, which are optimized to KYC (Keep You Clicking). If clicks are what you crave, then you probably already know the tricks to make that happen.

You will likely be able to build a wonderfully successful online business and lifestyle this way. And that’s totally fine.

This community is for writers and thinkers who want more.

Am I the only one who can join? My business partner/content manager/virtual assistant/dog named Spot would really benefit from a membership as well.

​Not sure about Spot, but it makes sense in lots of businesses for multiple people to have their own access to a site like this. But it can be frustrating when you are both working on the same goals, and have to pay double the price. Email us if this sounds like you, and we’ll see if you qualify for an Enterprise Membership, specifically designed to get your crew into the community without breaking your bank.

I’m a business person and entrepreneur, not a professional writer—will this be a bunch of hobbyists talking about writerly things?

​Well shoot, did you click on the right site! There are a bunch of other sites out there for creative writers, freelancers, authors, and all the other word smiths. They focus on character development, plot structures, managing clients and freelance income — which are very important to those types of writing.

But you are not that type of writer.

You write to share your ideas, grow your audience, establish your authority in your industry, and other more conventional/less idealistic reasons.

Welcome to your online home. That’s what we’re here for as well!


The only day that matters in your writing career.

If you don’t do anything to make your career better TODAY, then tomorrow will come and you’ll be saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” all over again. The Close the Gap Community is all about ending that and pushing forward.

So don’t waste any more time writing content that never gets noticed!

Join Close the Gap today and learn from some of the best in the biz.

Join today...FREE!

Join Us Today!

30 Day ​Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. 

If you join the community, look over some of our free resources and courses, drop by the private group, watch some videos, and decide that it isn't for you at anytime over the first 30 days... 

...just let us know and we'll refund you 100%.
Elisa has been a pivotal part of my professional growth as a writer and online business owner. She has been unfailingly generous with her time and insights — she has been both a mentor and a friend, and teaches me something new every time we connect.
Laura Gale
Elisa and the CYC team have been such a gift to me in my pursuit to tell my business's story. I honestly think if it weren't for Elisa, I would not have been able to get the courage or words to land a writing gig I was excited about, nor the accountability to forward progress to keep it.
Carrie McKeegan

Helping you make your own words even better

Courses and coaching devoted to helping you become a better writer, create compelling content, and basically establish yourself as the brilliant thinker you are - all through your words.