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How to Use Trello as an Editorial Calendar

Managing an editorial calendar sounds like a task only accomplishable by titans of the content industry. Throw in multiple clients, writers, editors, formatters, due dates, publishing schedules, and… are you hyperventilating yet ? Put down the paper bag, friend –– we have fantastic news. Content management be done by almost any entrepreneur, editor, writer, or content fiend –– quickly, easily, simply, and with color-coded labels. Welcome to Trello: the free and wicked awesome virtual kanban solution to your editorial issues. We so love running editorial calendars on Trello that we are sharing our never-before-revealed, top secret (until now) content management system. In the course of 10 lessons and a couple of hours, you will stop huddling in a mish mashed heap of scrap papers, open browser tabs, and angry Google alerts, and start luxuriating in a totally smooth, organized, and easy-to-use editorial system. Save so much time, energy, and stress, that you toss your former rickety, joyless systems into the trash –– Marie Kondo-style. Sure you could stumble through reinventing the Trello wheel on your own. But wouldn't you rather swap out your office supplies spending (say goodbye to your sticky notes…) and get rolling on Trello instead? We’ve got 10 lessons designed specifically to get you up and started on the Trello system TODAY. That’s faster than most Amazon deliveries… just sayin’. In the course of this 10-lesson course, you will learn: A speedy breakdown on how to set up and get started using Trello Strategies for managing multiple boards and teams simultaneously without confusion Ways to organize the editorial process to ensure smooth handoffs and on-time publishing Best practices for setting up cards so that writers, editors, formatters, and other team members are always up-to-date on your content's status Our tips and tricks for tailoring the system for your particular editorial process Lesser-known and creative functions and tricks to make Trello extra helpful … to name a few. Don’t blame us if your whole world becomes Trello-fied. You have been warned. Ready to get started?

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